Who killed Pedro in The Burning Body? Netflix Shows Explained

Who killed Pedro in The Burning Body? Netflix Shows Explained

As the end of the series draws near, a key trial is shown to the public. Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez give different stories about who killed Pedro Rodrguez. This makes it hard for the audience to figure out what happened while they wait for the answer.

In “Burning Body,” Rosa and Albert tell the audience different versions of what happened the night Pedro died, before the prosecutor gives the final version of what happened.

Is this meant to show how wrong Rosa and Albert were to think they could get away with murder if they blamed each other? Or is this a sign that two people in a bad relationship have gone completely crazy?

That’s up to the people in the room.

Rosa Peral said that Albert was jealous and couldn’t deal with how Rosa and Pedro felt about each other. Because he was jealous, he killed Pedro and made her throw the body away. Rosa says she had to do this because Albert was also threatening to kill her children. During the whole experience, Rosa relied on her children to help her feel better.

But Albert Lopez said something different. He said Rosa was worried that Pedro would find out about their relationship. Then, after a fight with Pedro one night, she killed him. Albert says that he helped Rosa get rid of the body when he got to Rosa’s house because he loved her.

In the book Burning Body, who killed Pedro?

The cops put together the whole crime scene by putting together phone records and cell tower triangulation to show that the two toxic lovers were together at the time Pedro was killed. They also got proof of where Pedro’s body was put, like how Rosa used Pedro’s phone to trick his family and friends into thinking he was still alive.

Witness evidence was also helpful. One of Albert’s coworkers said that Albert jokedly asked him how to get rid of a body after killing someone.

The facts fit much better with what the police said happened. Rosa and Albert tried to cover their tracks as best they could, but they forgot to think about investigative methods like cell tower triangulation and Pedro’s prosthetics in his back after he had major surgery, which were important ways to identify his body.

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