When will the third episode of Lessons in Chemistry’s first season be available on Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ has done it again, bringing us another amazing and captivating period drama. Lessons in Chemistry, a movie by Lee Eisenberg, starts its first season with two episodes back-to-back. Episode 2 of Lessons in Chemistry, “Her and Him,” is all about the relationship between leads Elizabeth Zott (Brie Larson) and Calvin Evans (Lewis Pullman). […]

Season 2 of ‘Invasion’: Release Date, Cast, Sneak Peek, and All the Latest Updates

The second season of the thrilling Apple TV+ series ‘Invasion’ is on the horizon, building upon the success of its gripping first season. Premiering in 2021, the show captivated audiences with its unique approach to the familiar alien invasion concept. By showcasing the perspectives of individuals from different continents, ‘Invasion’ presented a global panorama of […]

The First-Ever Movie Sequel Has Been Lost — But Maybe That’s a Good Thing

The Birth of a Nation, D.W. Griffith’s controversial 1915 film, is undeniably a milestone in the history of cinema. Despite its problematic content, the film introduced groundbreaking filmmaking techniques, such as fade-outs, close-ups, parallel action shots, and battle sequences with large-scale extras. It was a blockbuster success, earning over $60 million by 1920, and became […]