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When will the third episode of Lessons in Chemistry’s first season be available on Apple TV+?

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Apple TV+ has done it again, bringing us another amazing and captivating period drama. Lessons in Chemistry, a movie by Lee Eisenberg, starts its first season with two episodes back-to-back. Episode 2 of Lessons in Chemistry, “Her and Him,” is all about the relationship between leads Elizabeth Zott (Brie Larson) and Calvin Evans (Lewis Pullman). It ends with a shocking turn, so it makes sense that people are asking when Episode 3 will be available on Apple TV+.

The second book does a great job of creating a loving relationship between Elizabeth and Calvin that ends in a sad way. So far, this has been very interesting TV, but that twist finish will likely change the whole dynamic of the show going forward. This is what happened:

  • In 1950, Elizabeth tried to get a PhD, which is shown in flashbacks. Even though her qualifying test goes perfectly, a professor later rapes her. When the attack happens, Elizabeth strikes the professor, but she has to say sorry for what she did. Elizabeth doesn’t want to say sorry, so she loses her PhD.
  • Eileen tries to get her old job back in 1951. If that doesn’t work, she divides the lab in half. Calvin quits the school to give Elizabeth some space. He is late for another board meeting.
  • Dr. Robert Donatti, played by Derek Cecil, is given a deadline: he needs to get Calvin to turn in his plan by February, or he will lose his job. Donatti instead tells Elizabeth and the other employees that they will be fired if Calvin doesn’t follow the rules.
  • Calvin hears about the due date from Elizabeth. They agree to work together once more. Elizabeth agrees to learn how to row from Calvin, but her first lesson almost drowns her.
  • Calvin then tells Elizabeth that he really feels something for her, and the two of them kiss. After that, he shows her how to swim. After that, they spend Christmas together and make a big discovery in their study project.
  • After that, Elizabeth moves in with Calvin. They tell the board about their plan. The board members are biased against women and put Elizabeth’s qualifications down. Calvin and Elizabeth agree that they will turn in their results without Hastings’ help.
  • A bus hits Calvin while he is running.

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