Episode 4 of Season 2 of Foundation Release Date, Time, and Location

Episode 4 of Season 2 of Foundation Release Date, Time, and Location

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We delve into predictions for the upcoming episode, Season 2 Episode 4 of the Apple TV+ series Foundation, including details about its release date and where to watch it online.

In the previous episode, titled “King and Commoner,” we witness the confident Hober Mallow, a name repeatedly called out by the unfortunate Warden Jaegger (Holt McCallany) before his demise. The scenes featuring Hober draw inspiration from or may even have influenced the Star Wars franchise, evoking memories of the charismatic and cheeky personality of Han Solo.

One of the episode’s highlights is the remarkable CGI work, which continues to impress the audience. Here’s a recap of the events in Foundation Season 2, Episode 3:

Gaal and Salvor discuss the premonition and Salvor’s impending death. Hari takes control of the ship and leads them to a desert mining planet, harboring his own plans.

Poly and Brother Constant decide to embark on their search for Hober Mallow. Their journey takes them to Korell, where they encounter Hober engaging in his usual tricks.

Hober manages to deceive Commander Argo and later gets arrested.

Gaal and Hari head towards a monument, where Hari opens up about his life partner, Yanna. Within the mines, Hari introduces Gaal to Kalle, but he is then taken away.

At Lepsis Penal Colony, Demerzel locates Bel Riose, who now serves as a slave on the desolate planet. She offers him freedom if he agrees to fight for the Empire once more. Bel accepts the offer upon hearing that his husband is still alive.

Brother Day and Bel have a reunion, leading to an argument. Nonetheless, Bel is granted the opportunity to see his husband again. As part of his first mission, Bel must determine whether Hari poses a threat or not.

Gaal returns to the ship, and Salvor suggests abandoning Hari, but the ship comes under attack from mining machinery. They later discover a life form atop the monument.

Hober manages to save himself from execution and escapes with Brother Constant and Poly’s ship. The trio departs Korell together, heading towards Terminus.

Gaal rescues the life form, which turns out to be Hari himself, now restored to human form. Even Hari is perplexed by this transformation.

As for Foundation Season 2, Episode 4, viewers can anticipate more intriguing developments and revelations. The episode will be available on Apple TV+ at the specified release date.

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