When will For All Mankind Season 4 Episode 3 be on Apple TV+?

When will For All Mankind Season 4 Episode 3 be on Apple TV+?

The fourth season of For All Mankind continues to impress, and with the latest episode having focused on the growing tensions between different classes at Happy Valley, a lot of dramatic groundwork has been laid for the upcoming Episode 3. It promises to be yet another can’t-miss installment of superior science fiction, and we have all the details you need about it, including the release date and where to watch online wherever you are in the world.

The next episode is scheduled to be released on Apple TV+ on Friday, November 24th, 2023. The release time is midnight PT. Episode 3 is titled “The Bear Hug” and will have a run time of 1 hour 11 minutes.

Margo will be arrested for her involvement in the riots. Her past will then be investigated, she may even be thrown in prison for her true nationality and her history of working for NASA.
Danielle will continue to work on improving morale at Happy Valley. She will discuss the worker’s concerns. Miles will continue to complain, making a name for himself.
Will Miles and Samantha stay as friends or is a romance on the cards for these two roommates?
Ed will be unable to change his ways and start to clash with Danielle and her new ideas.
Aleida and Kelly will take their project private, breaking away from NASA. Eli will fight back, things may get nasty quickly though between the two ex-colleagues.

“Have a Nice Sol” was another excellent installment from the series, promoting genuinely impressive writing and interesting characters. It’s a joy to watch as the original series delivers possibly its best season yet. Here’s what happened in For All Mankind Season 4 Episode 2:

Miles lands on Mars. He’s shown around the facilities and given his orders. Because of the failure of the asteroid mission, he is given different duties, working as a repairman. These maintenance workers are treated like second-class citizens though.

Danielle meets with Ed at Happy Valley. She makes a rousing speech about improving morale and working conditions, with aims of getting the asteroid mission back on track.

Aleida struggles at home, having missed work for many months. Her trauma is paralyzing her. She refuses to see a therapist or return to NASA.

Kelly’s project to find life on Mars is put on hold due to financial concerns. Kelly is heartbroken. She spent 8 years working on the project. Aleida and Kelly get drunk together.

Aleida proposes that they take the project down the private funding route.

Miles is appalled by his living conditions. The food is awful and his bandwidth is always lagging. In contrast, Danielle and the other astronauts live in far superior conditions.

Miles complains about his wage and how he has been misled. Ed isn’t interested. But Danielle wants to improve the bandwidth at the very least to increase morale among her workers. She orders that they fix the satellite immediately.

With the improved bandwidth, Miles watches all of the family videos that he has missed. He tries to record a reply but struggles to lie to his family. Roommate Samantha cheers him up, taking him to a hidden room, where booze is served.

Margo goes about her daily routine in the Soviet Union. There has been an emergency order to clear the streets though. Margo is attacked during a riot.

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