Where did Netflix's Pact

Where did Netflix’s Pact of Silence get its footage?

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Pact of Silence (Pacto De Silencio) is a drama that you can watch on Netflix. It’s about Brenda Rey, an influential woman played by Camila Valero. The show is made by Mariana Iskandarani and Mar Abierto Productions. It has 18 episodes, all of which are packed with tension, emotional turmoil, and shocking discoveries. There is some serious family drama in these episodes. Think of Mamma Mia, but with more murder and problems of being left behind. Fans are eager to know where the Spanish-language movie was shot. This piece goes into more detail about the filming sites.

Brenda is a big deal on social media, but her life is ruined by the fact that no one knows who her parents are. She gets into the lives of four women to find out which one is her real mother, the woman who left her when she was born, and to find out why she was left alone. On this trip, Brenda gets a lot more than she expected. There are surprises and stories around every corner.

Where did Netflix’s Pact of Silence get its footage? A list of places broken down

There isn’t a lot of information online about where the movies were shot, but we do know that Pact of Silence is set in Mexico. Netflix said on its Tudum site that shooting for Pact of Silence took place in Guerrero, Mexico City, Soledad de Doblado, and Veracruz.


The state of Guerrero is on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It is famous for its lively nightlife and beaches along Acapulco Bay and the Acapulco Diamante area. It’s not very big or well-known, which makes it great for small-scale movies and for bringing more tourists to the area.

City of Mexico

The film business in Mexico is doing very well, and you can see more and more of these on the streets of Mexico City. Because it’s cheaper to film in Mexico than in the US and the weather is nice, it’s quickly becoming a popular place to shoot movies.


Pact of Silence takes place in the beautiful cities of Veracruz, Orizaba, and Soledad de Doblado. Sur 8 and Poniente 5 streets were closed in Orizaba because of the cast and crew. Luckily, they were only there for one day of shooting.

The Puente de Tablas and the Old Railway Station were the main places where they filmed in Soledad de Doblado. On many social media sites, you can see that the City Council of the municipality was proud that the place was considered. They hope that this will bring more people to their small but lovely spot.

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