When will Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 16 be released

When will Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 16 be released?

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Since it came back, Dr. Stone Season 3 has been exciting and surprising, but Episode 15 of the hit Crunchyroll show was probably the last episode that didn’t make you feel stressed for a while. The Kingdom of Science is extra ready for battle against both Ibara’s men and Moz, so it’s clear that they don’t think they’ll come out of this battle unhurt. They can plan and study all they want, but nothing will ready them for the tricks Ibara’s army has in store, or even for what Ibara has planned. As a buildup to the much-anticipated Episode 16, we list all the information of the next episode below.

The next episode is set to come out on Crunchyroll on November 9, 2023 Thursday. It will come out at 10:30 a.m. ET. “Total War” is the name of Episode 16 and it will last for about 23 minutes.

What we think will happen in Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 16

Kirisama doesn’t seem to know Moz’s plan, but Ibara might have. This makes it harder to guess what will happen in the next fight.

I think Ibara might already have a backup plan ready in case he really does know that Moz is working for the bad guys. He might even be in charge of the tool that freezes things.

When the gun was there, Magma seemed to be moving in a slightly odd way. I could see him trying to take charge of it himself to feel powerful.

What happened in the last episode?

  • Ibara’s men warn him about how strong the new attackers in hoods are, but they don’t know that they are really Moz.
  • Senku comes up with a plan to get the petrification device, but Ryuusui tells him that Moz is likely to turn on them right away.
  • Senku then says that he has another plan to fight Moz, and Kaseki is working on it.
  • The people who were scared before all know that the bits of the weapon are from a gun.
  • They aren’t sure what to do about the bad things that might happen if they make this weapon, but they agree not to use it to kill people.
  • Even so, Senku says it’s not strong enough to kill anyone, and freezing the target would still save their lives.
  • Since Yo has experience, they bring him back to life to be in charge of shooting the gun.
  • The group starts getting ready for their attack by gathering materials.
  • Amaryllis gets away to town and talks them into playing loud drums to block out the gunshots.
  • To make their troops stronger, they bring Kinro, Magma, and Nikki back to life.
  • Kinro is glad to hear that his brother is still alive after Amaryllis tells him what happened to him.
  • Senku turns oil into carbon wire.
  • Senku makes the drone more stable.
  • Ryuusui is picked to fly the drone because he is good at games and finding his way around.
  • They decide to attack at dawn after getting ready very well.
  • To block out the drone’s sounds, they fight near the water at the Cliff of the Howling Seas.
  • The men of Ibara show up at the edge of the cliff.
  • They try to beat Senku’s group, but Kinro steps in to protect them.

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