Season 4 of Jack Ryan

Where did Season 4 of Jack Ryan take place? Locations Explained

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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, starring that tall guy from The Office USA, has been a hit with viewers ever since it premiered in 2018.

Actor and executive producer John Krasinski would play Ryan, continuing a long line of actors who have played the role in various incarnations. Chris Pine, Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford, and Alec Baldwin are just some of the actors who have played Ryan over the years.

Many have questioned the casting of Krasinski in the lead role, but it cannot be denied that the show has been a huge hit in the world of streaming television.

Because of his role as the down-to-earth and affable Jim Halpern in the American version of Ricky Gervais’ The Office, Krasinski is often remembered solely for that performance.

Being typecast is a terrible fate for an actor, and Krasinski realized he needed to branch out from his portrayal of Jim.

Fortunately, an opportunity to play Jack Ryan presented itself, and the actor recognized it for what it was: a chance to do something so drastically different that his audience would have to forgive him for his previous roles.

However, the actors’ professional futures aren’t a major focus of this piece. We know you enjoy learning about different places, so we made this short feature to tell you where Jack Ryan Season 4 was shot.

Where was Jack Ryan Season 4 filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Season 4 of Jack Ryan

Ragusa was the city’s original name, and it’s easy to get there now that it’s a tourist hotspot.

The city’s architecture is ideal for use in TV shows and movies that want to convey a sense of European mystery and intrigue.

Movies like Mamma Mia!, Game of Thrones, and The Hunting Party. The crew of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit takes full advantage of the studio where such classics as Here We Go Again and Fiddler on the Roof were shot.

A quick perusal of Katarina Cas’s Instagram reveals the actress working on the Jack Ryan set in Croatia.


Season 4 of Jack Ryan

The production team would also be on location all across Europe, with social media posts revealing pictures of some of the cast in Prague, Budapest, and Slovakia, all of which contribute to the film noir and atmosphere of Eastern Europe.

Location spotting fans can easily recognize most of these spots throughout the fourth season.

New York City, New York
Some of the narratives required the show to film in New York, and of course, the team would be on hand to get as many landmarks as they could into the establishing shots.

As far as spotting locations goes, the iconic skyline and landmarks are easy to name in New York.

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