Vi Business Rolls Out Hybrid SD-WAN for Improved Enterprise Networking

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Vi Business, the corporate division of Vodafone Idea, has introduced the ‘Hybrid SD-WAN’ solution. This solution is designed to adapt to India’s rapidly changing digital landscape by providing businesses with flexibility, enhanced security, and cost-effectiveness.

In response to the dynamic digital environment in India, businesses are increasingly extending their operations across multiple cloud environments. Nonetheless, many organizations continue to depend on traditional WAN architectures that are hardware-focused, lacking in agility and advanced security features, and require manual operation. Vi’s newly launched Hybrid SD-WAN Solution is intended to overcome these limitations.

Vi Hybrid SD-WAN Has Some Special Features

The statement claims that the Hybrid SD-WAN solution can offer numerous advantages to enterprises. It provides intelligent routing, network monitoring and analytics, and a secure, hybrid network design.

These features allow enterprises to efficiently operate applications on their interconnected networks with minimal downtime. Vi also emphasizes that the solution grants comprehensive visibility of network applications and security, coupled with real-time, actionable insights.

Integration and Connectivity Perks
A significant benefit of Vi Business’ Hybrid SD-WAN is its ability to integrate with any ILL/MPLS connection. It is also compatible with both 4G and 5G networks, enabling businesses to take advantage of next-generation connectivity. Furthermore, the solution gives the flexibility to choose any internet service provider (ISP) and offers pan-India broadband connectivity at a reduced price.

Vi asserts that the Hybrid SD-WAN solution has been developed in collaboration with premier security providers to assure smooth network integration and protect end-user privacy.

Partnerships with Global Tech Giants

Vi Business has teamed up with global technology leaders for this solution. The partnership with Nokia and Fortinet facilitates the provision of unique features like OEM flexibility, end-to-end managed services, integrated low-cost access, multi-cloud integration, and integrated security. In addition, Vi Business offers a centralized management platform that eases network configuration and management while boosting security and resilience.

Through the launch of its Hybrid SD-WAN solution, Vi Business seeks to equip businesses with the flexibility, enhanced security, and cost efficiency necessary to prosper in the digital age.

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