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Unveiling the Mystery: Who was at the Door in The Horror of Dolores Roach’s Climax?

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We’re delving into the finale of The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 to answer a burning question: who was at the door in the final scene? Be aware, this article is filled with spoilers.

The Horror of Dolores Roach, an original Prime Video series, is fast gaining traction and stirring conversations, particularly its uniquely balanced blend of horror and comedy. Fans who have journeyed through the eight-episode arc are left puzzled by the cliffhanger conclusion and intrigued about the identity of the person who confronts Dolores at the door in the last scene.

So, who exactly was at the door at the end of The Horror of Dolores Roach?

Assuming that the character at the door is one we’re already familiar with simplifies the speculation. The pool of potential candidates isn’t extensive given that Dolores has essentially wiped out most of the cast by the end of the season. The notable survivors are Nellie, Dominic, and Georgina Bellyard.

Nellie, having potentially escaped prison and subsequently striking it rich, is an unlikely choice, yet one cannot entirely rule out the possibility. It seems implausible, however, that Dolores would target Nellie. If anything, Nellie might be the one seeking revenge.

Next up is Dominic. Caleb might have deliberately left Dominic’s identity undisclosed to Dolores, setting the stage for a dramatic reunion with her ex-boyfriend. Her burst of laughter could be a response to Dominic’s altered looks over the years. Given her intense desire to kill him, Dominic appears to be a strong contender.

The Horror of Dolores Roach's

However, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of Georgina Bellyard, Dolores’ old college friend, being at the door. Their relationship ended on a sour note, and Georgina may have been involved with Dominic all along, misleading Dolores about it. If Dolores discovered this deception, her wrath could be directed towards Georgina.

Alternatively, the mystery character could be an entirely new face, perhaps a figure from Dolores’ past or a family member she wants dead. We must patiently anticipate the second season (assuming the series gets renewed) to unravel this mystery.

Why does this matter?

Identifying this character is crucial as it directly influences Dolores’ narrative. Dolores holds the conviction that killing Dominic would help her regain her lost wholeness. This pursuit of Dominic is pivotal for Dolores to reclaim control of her life and find inner tranquility.

Does Dolores kill the person following her laughter?

Post her spell of laughter, Dolores launches an attack on the person at the door. Given Dolores’ track record, it’s reasonable to assume that this person becomes her next victim. If Dominic turns out to be the one at the door, he might put up a significant resistance. Nevertheless, Dolores’ thirst for revenge will drive her to kill, regardless of the obstacle.

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