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Season 2 of ‘The Bear’ deserved the long-term hype of a weekly release.

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When FX’s beloved series, The Bear, premiered its second season on Hulu on June 22, it was met with immense enthusiasm from both critics and fans. The gripping storyline, compelling characters, and intense emotions made it an irresistible binge-watch. The ten episodes were devoured like hot dogs at Nathan’s annual Fourth of July eating competition. However, despite the thrill of binge-watching, some viewers, myself included, wished we could have savored the season in weekly installments, like a fine Michelin-worthy meal.

When an entire season is released at once, viewers have the freedom to watch at their own pace. Nevertheless, with a highly-anticipated hit like The Bear, there’s a sense of urgency to catch up, join discussions, and avoid spoilers. The series thrives on chaotic moments, and the uninterrupted viewing experience heightened that chaos. Consuming Season 2 in one sitting was undeniably exciting. Unexpectedly, the episodes exceeded all expectations, featuring mind-blowing celebrity cameos and outstanding performances, songs, and scenes worth obsessing over.

However, the aftermath of the binge was fleeting hype. The intense online discussions surrounding Season 2 died down much too quickly, lasting only about two weeks. Given the exceptional ratings and the significant increase from Season 1, the series deserved more extended coverage and discussion, similar to other popular shows like Succession, The White Lotus, or Barry.

If a traditional weekly release wasn’t feasible, the show could have followed the model adopted by Prime Video’s The Summer I Turned Pretty. It could have premiered the first three episodes and then released one episode per week for the rest of the season. This approach would have allowed viewers to eagerly anticipate each new episode and provided more time for in-depth analysis and appreciation of the carefully crafted content.

Imagining the joy of waiting a week to see Marcus and Chef Luca take on Copenhagen in Episode 4 is enticing. Even though the emotional impact of watching “Fishes” and “Forks” back-to-back might have been different, other episodes like the terrifically tense Episode 6 and Richie’s heartwarming Episode 7 deserved an entire week of love and discussion. In this way, The Bear’s Season 2 finale could have become a cultural event, drawing more attention and appreciation for the remarkable show.

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