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Missed Connections (2023) Ending Revealed – Will Mae marry Norman?

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In the 2023 Netflix film “Missed Connections,” we explore the ending, so beware of spoilers ahead.

The story follows Mae, a hopeless romantic, who has a chance encounter with a man named Norman at a grocery store. Intrigued by this encounter, Mae uses an app to track down Norman, hoping he could be the one to help her move on from her ex-boyfriend. However, Mae’s intense focus on fate and destiny in her romantic life puts a strain on her connection with Norman. She becomes overly enthusiastic about falling in love quickly, disregarding his feelings in the process.

Living in her own fantasy world takes its toll, and eventually, Mae realizes that she is hurting herself by not seeing the reality of the situation with Norman. Despite her best efforts, it becomes evident from Norman’s body language that they aren’t a good match, and trying to force a romantic connection would be unwise.

As the story progresses, we witness Mae’s transformation as she comes to terms with the dynamic between Norman and Julia. Her initial frenzy to make things work with Norman gradually leads her to self-discovery and personal growth.

When Norman goes through a breakup with Julia, he is left heartbroken, and Mae rushes to console him. However, she finds herself in a difficult position. Her deep infatuation with Norman blinds her to the fact that she is causing herself emotional pain.

In a significant moment, Norman invites Mae to be his plus one at his sister’s rehearsal dinner, hoping to maintain a platonic friendship. Despite attending the event together, people still perceive them as friends, and it becomes apparent that Norman doesn’t have romantic feelings for Mae.

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