Is Season 2 of “The Chosen One” in the Works?

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Mark Millar readers have learned not to get their hopes up for adaptations of his work into the small screen. Both the original Jupiter’s Legacy and the Netflix version are limited to a single season, with Super Crooks’ renewal being held in limbo for the time being. (Netflix, you’ve had two years. Just pick one!) The star-studded and epically world-built Jupiter’s Legacy, on the other hand, was quickly canceled. How different will God’s anointed one be?

In this six-part fantasy drama, Bobby Luhnow plays 12-year-old Jodie, who comes to believe that he possesses divine abilities similar to those of Jesus Christ. His mother, fearing for his safety, escaped their hometown with him, and the two now live together. Jodie’s age makes it more challenging to keep him safe from the effects of his superpowers. A priest and an investigator take an interest in the young child after he survives a terrifying vehicle tragedy.

Dianna Agron plays Jodie’s mom, Sarah, while the rest of the cast includes Tenoch Huerta as the obnoxious investigator and Carlos Bardem as the Catholic priest. If you want to know who’s playing who in the show, then you should check out our cast guide.

On August 16, 2023, The Chosen One debuted on the streaming service and immediately shot to the top of the ratings. The show is currently at #3 on Netflix’s list of Top 10 Shows in the United States.

The Chosen One has not been renewed for a second season by Netflix. Given the show’s history with Millar, we wouldn’t hold our breath either. The series, however, is being praised by critics and offers a wealth of further reading material.

After learning that he is the antichrist, the finale ends with Jodie being abducted by a demonic entity. Fans of Millar’s graphic novel series might already know this, but newcomers could be confused. There are still two more volumes to adapt, as the first season follows the arc of the first volume and concludes on a similar note.

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