An Emotional Tribute to Ray Stevenson Is Part of the Premiere of “Ahsoka” Just call him “Our Friend, Ray.”

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Ahsoka’s first episode is a thrilling journey in the grand tradition of George Lucas’s original Star Wars, and it’s available to stream now on Disney+. The first episode, “Masters and Apprentices,” has shocking and humorous moments, as well as a touching dedication that may leave viewers in tears. The text says:

“For our friend, Ray”

Actor Ray Stevenson, whose villainous Jedi Baylan Skoll caused havoc in Ahsoka’s pilot episode, was tragically killed in a car accident. Skoll and his ruthless apprentice Shin Hati (Ivanna Sakhno) seem to play pivotal roles in Ahsoka. Sadly, Stevenson did not make it to see his Star Wars debut in the flesh.

On May 21, this year, at the age of 58, Stevenson passed away suddenly. His exact cause of death has yet to be determined, although reports have stated that he was transported to the hospital from the set of an action picture he was producing on an Italian island.

The cast of Ahsoka paid respect to Stevenson after his death. On Instagram, Dawson wrote, “A behemoth of a man… Ray Stevenson, in disbelief and shock after hearing the terrible news. Passed away far too soon. I don’t know what to say, but I wanted to pause and celebrate your constant, unfailing grin. My undying adoration for you. I’m thinking about you and your loved ones. Stevenson leaves behind a spouse and three kids.

Ivanna Sakhno, who worked as Ray Stevenson’s on-screen assistant, told Entertainment Weekly shortly before his death that the actor had written a song that he often sang while filming. When we were shooting the very first scene together, you even wrote a song for Shin to sing. I can’t reveal too much about the situation, but Ray kept saying, “Who let the Shin out?” as he walked around. Asking, “Who, who, who…?”

Stevenson’s voyage into the Star Wars universe did not begin with Ahsoka. Stevenson voiced Mandalorian warrior Gar Saxon in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where he first met Ahsoka showrunner Dave Filoni.

Filoni added, “We have lost a great talent and friend in Ray Stevenson,” in an official Star Wars statement. Everyone on Ahsoka felt the effects of his generosity and goodwill. Ray was a pleasure to deal with, and I valued his advice and perspective. I’m relieved that his loved ones and the fictional people he inspired will keep his legacy alive. I appreciate everything you’ve done, Ray.

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