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A Recap of the Third Episode of “Harlan Coben’s Shelter,” “The Dirt Locker”

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There are at least two lockers in question concerning the disappearance of Ashley: her school locker and the bank locker that had a number of bogus IDs and a bundle of cash. The third episode of Shelter is named “The Dirt Locker,” and there are at least two lockers in question surrounding the disappearance of Ashley.

Because Mickey, Ema, and Spoon are unaware of the latter, they decide to start their hunt at school. Spoon leads the team to the “Spindell Spot,” also known as the janitor closet where his father works, and there he reveals a red yarn board that keeps track of all of the information they have right now and how it might be related to the disappearance of Dylan Shakes more than two decades ago. When they finally come to the conclusion that they haven’t checked in the most obvious location, they race to Ashley’s locker, only to discover that the school has already cleaned it out. But there is no need to be concerned because Spoon has assured me that he would obtain the surveillance footage in order to further examine the mystery surrounding her abduction.

While Ema is doing her shift going through the footage in the house, she realizes that the girl she has a crush on, Whitney, is looking at her as she walks through the halls. When she sees Ashley running away from something swiftly and then hiding in a corner of the hallway sobbing, her smile disappears almost as quickly as it appeared. Ema and Spoon retrace her travels and find a different viewpoint that makes it appear as though Ashley was being bullied by a group of cheerleaders before she storms off and disappears out of the camera’s view.

They continue to monitor and eventually observe not one but two people visit Ashley’s locker: first, the uniformed guy working for Bat Lady pays a visit at 3 o’clock in the morning, followed by Rachel, the top cheerleader, who was seen peeking around the other bank locker as well. However, it is not made apparent what, if anything, either party takes from the locker other than the hippo mirror, which is eventually taken possession of by Bat Lady.

Rachel has developed severe post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her encounter with OctoFace in the second locker. She managed to get away from OctoFace at the locker by using Ashley’s revolver after he approached her there. She has become distant from her boyfriend Troy as a result of the events that transpired, and he thinks as though she is pulling away from him. Additionally, she unintentionally smacks him when he gets too tactile with her.

Troy is trying to divert his attention away from himself by becoming interested in the dynamic that exists between his parents and Shira. He then continues to question his parents and Shira about what took place among all of them. The Taylor family is invited to the party that Mickey’s grandparents hold at their house to celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary. This provides an opportunity for Mickey to be teased in public. But more than that, the party provides a chance for Shira and Hannah to get back in touch with one another and reignite their friendship. Before Hannah leaves, she gives Shira a big old kiss on the lips as a farewell, which then immediately evolves into a brief makeout session between the two of them.Mickey has a few tender exchanges with his grandparents, who are trying to put on a brave front after the death of their son. As he overhears them discussing how their son was “taken away” from them, Mickey is prompted to recall a conversation he had with his father while they were traveling about how their responsibility is to do good in the world even though there are times when bad things get in the way of their efforts. It is an ambiguous and slightly sinister warning, which is further made more unsettling when we realize that Ashley (with a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder) was also there eavesdropping before she was taken; her entrance in Mickey’s life was not a coincidence. This warning is imprecise and slightly foreboding. We also see her staring at the photo of her and Mickey together when they were children, so we have some indication that she is still alive.

After Mr. V’s departure, EGOT winner Angela Wyatt is brought in to head the school’s theatrical department. I’m instantly suspicious of their involvement with the Bat Lady’s web since it seems odd that someone of that prominence and importance would wish to return to teach high school theater.

It’s likely that we’ll continue to view Wyatt through the prism of Spoon’s infatuation with the Phantom in the school production of Phantom of the Opera. Spoon is, presumably, a theater hopeful. In addition to the pie delivery suit, Mickey will be suspicious of Spoon because he is carrying about a bobblehead he found in Mickey’s room during the last episode.

By the end of the episode, Mickey has broken into the Hobart house again via a network of tunnels beneath the property, where he is met by the Bat Lady and learns her true identity. The fact that the Bat Lady is actually Anne Frank’s contemporary in Nazi Germany, Lizzy Sobek, is a bizarre plot twist that Mrs. Friedman was telling her students about.

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