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When and where can I see Episode 10 of Season 1 of Platonic?

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This article is your guide to the final episode of the first season of the Apple TV+ show, Platonic, outlining its release date and the platform where it can be viewed.

The Apple TV+ dramedy, Platonic, features Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen in the lead roles. It brings together elements reminiscent of Neighbors, where Byrne and Rogen played a wedded couple, the classic relationship dynamic in When Harry Met Sally, and a unique interpretation of the existential crisis associated with early middle age.

In the previous episode of Platonic, episode 9, the following transpired:

Charlie, still bitter with Sylvia, decides to make a statement by overstaying at work. However, he ends up drunk and embarrassingly mounts his coworker, Vanessa.
Upon learning this, Sylvia finds herself unsure of her reaction, especially given Vanessa’s success. She childishly retaliates against Charlie by organizing a sleepover for their children’s friends and inexplicably invites Will.

Will suggests converting Sylvia’s garage into an “additional dwelling unit”, a suggestion that Charlie, attempting to mend his relationship with Sylvia, grudgingly accepts.

The garage is ultimately wrecked when a raccoon jumps on Will’s head, leading Charlie and Sylvia to finally address their problems in a mature manner.
Will attempts to buy into Reggie and Andy’s kombucha business but gets sidelined since they disagree with him on all fronts.

Release Date and Time for Platonic Season 1 Episode 10

The final episode of the season, episode 10, is scheduled to go live on Apple TV+ on July 5, 2023, at 3 am EST. The run time of this episode, titled “When Will Met Sylvia”, is 33 minutes.

Online Viewing Platforms

Global viewers can stream Platonic Season 1 Episode 10 by subscribing to Apple TV+ on the date and time specified.

Trailer Availability

Yes, a trailer for the series is available and can be viewed at the following link:

Total Number of Episodes in Platonic Season 1

Platonic Season 1 will comprise ten episodes. The first three premiered on May 24, with the rest airing on a weekly basis throughout May, June, and July. Here’s the complete episode list:

Episode 1: “Pilot” – 24th May, 2023

Episode 2: “Gandalf the Lizard”– 24th May, 2023

Episode 3: “Partner’s Retreat” – 24th May, 2023

Episode 4: “Divorce Party” – 31st May, 2023

Episode 5: “My Wife’s Boyfriend” – 7th June, 2023

Episode 6: “The Big Two Six” – 14th June, 2023

Episode 7: “Let the River Run” – 21st June, 2023

Episode 8: “San Diego” – 28th June, 2023

Episode 9: “Slumber Party” — 5th July, 2023

Episode 10: “When Will Met Sylvia” — 12th July, 2023

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