Release Details and Predictions for Revenant Season 1 Episodes 7 & 8

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This write-up includes predictions for episodes 7 and 8 of the first season of the K-Drama series Revenant on Disney+, along with their release dates and viewing details.

Revenant, the K-Drama series featured on Disney+, is essentially a quintessential horror tale replete with creepy elements such as eerie reflections, demon-possessed artifacts, and sinister-looking girls. Although the slow narrative progression might deter some, the series manages to maintain audience engagement by meticulously building its characters and mythos over each new episode. The plot only seems to get more entwined and intricate with time.

Key points from Revenant Season 1 Episode 6:

San-yeong used Hae-sang’s debit card to buy the dress and arrange the makeover, thereby ruling out the possibility of her murdering the influencer.
Instead, a novel form of ghost, termed as a “hungry ghost,” which feeds off individuals’ desires, emerged as the killer.
Hae-sang sought answers from his estranged grandmother about the urn piece discovered in the last episode. However, she refused to provide any information and ousted him.
Woo-jin was revealed to be Kim Chi-won’s son, the erstwhile gardener of the house who now holds the position of Junghyeon capital’s vice-president.
Guided by the spirit, San-yeong uncovered more information about the hungry ghosts. Along with Hae-sang and Hong-sae, they surmised that the wedding party contained an individual possessed by the hungry ghost, as Semi and the bride, Yoonjung, were conspicuously absent from all the photographs.
Yoonjung was identified as the possessed individual. San-yeong located her and prevented another murder. After a car accident, Yoonjung was taken to the hospital by San-yeong and Hae-sang.

Revenant Season 1

Concerned about San-yeong’s susceptibilities, Hae-sang decided to undertake the investigation independently.

Hae-sang discovered that five prohibition ropes were created for his mother and for San-yeong’s father, Gang-mu.

Release Date and Time for Revenant Season 1 Episodes 7 & 8

Disney+ will release Revenant Season 1 Episode 7 on July 14, 2023, typically around 4:00 pm (BST). However, this timing may vary, though there are currently no expected changes (which can sometimes occur in the K-Drama universe). Episode 8 of Season 1 will be aired the following day, on July 15, at the same time. Each episode runs for approximately 65-70 minutes.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, indeed! You can find it here:

Where can you stream Revenant?

Revenant Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8 can be streamed worldwide on Disney+ by subscribers on the aforementioned dates and times. Apart from being available on Disney+ in certain regions, viewers in South Korea can also tune into the show on SBS.

What is the total episode count for Revenant?

Revenant will feature a total of 12 episodes, with two episodes being released each week. This means that the season will span over a six-week period. The show premiered on June 23 and is slated to conclude on July 29.

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