Who is the real-life drug lord behind Netflix kingpin Ferry Bouman?

Undercover, a long-running crime story on Netflix, is a gripping, gritty, and often darkly comedic show that was based on true events.

Pretending to be a couple, two brave secret agents sneak into a drug lord’s private area.

Frank Lammars plays Ferry Bouman, the drug lord based on a real Dutch crime boss, and his business is broken into by an undercover couple who want to build a case against him.

Tom Waes, Anna Drijver, and Frank Lammars are the stars of the show.

Ferry Bouman is based on the real-life Dutch drug lord Janus van Wessenbeeck, who was a bad guy and a figure of fear.

Bouman lives on the border between the Netherlands and Belgium in the show and is presented as a drug lord who makes a lot of ecstasy tablets.