Is ‘Cobweb’ available to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

There’s nothing quite like a mid-summer horror movie to set the stage for spooky season, and Cobweb is the perfect film to get you in the mood.

Cobweb follows the story of Peter, an eight-year-old boy who constantly hears mysterious tapping sounds from inside his bedroom wall.

the only way to watch Cobweb is by heading to a movie theater, as it was released on Friday, July 21.

The Blackening premiered on June 16 and is set to be available on digital platforms on August 15, approximately two months after its theatrical release.

Following a similar trajectory, we can expect Cobweb to potentially be available for streaming on platforms like Prime Video by late August 2023.

As for Netflix, unfortunately, Cobweb will not be available on the platform anytime soon.