A Recap of the Third Episode of “Harlan Coben’s Shelter,” “The Dirt Locker”

There are at least two lockers in question concerning the disappearance of Ashley: her school locker and the bank locker that had a number of bogus IDs and a bundle of cash.

The third episode of Shelter is named “The Dirt Locker,” and there are at least two lockers in question surrounding the disappearance of Ashley.

Because Mickey, Ema, and Spoon are unaware of the latter, they decide to start their hunt at school.

When they finally come to the conclusion that they haven’t checked in the most obvious location, they race to Ashley’s locker

While Ema is doing her shift going through the footage in the house, she realizes that the girl she has a crush on, Whitney

When she sees Ashley running away from something swiftly and then hiding in a corner of the hallway sobbing, her smile disappears almost as quickly as it appeared.