Watch the Disappointingly Formulaic Biopic of a Boxer and Man of God

This rambling padooka of a subtitle almost certainly uses the word “miraculous” to appeal to an audience

Foreman was a famous boxer before he was the even more famous spokesperson for a gazillion-selling kitchen gadget.

The biopic directed by George Tillman Jr. and produced by Foreman himself attempts to show the many sides of the boxer-turned-preacher-turned-infomercial pitchman

the film’s ambitious scope only serves to illustrate why biopics shouldn’t attempt to span multiple decades in a person’s life.

we’ll get to the moment where he “died,” but for now, let’s go back to Houston, where George (Kei Rawlins) was born into extreme poverty.

He and his siblings are eating a single hamburger amongst them after moving into a rundown house.