Should You Watch It Online? Netflix’s ‘Run Rabbit Run.

Sarah Snook, star of the Emmy-nominated series Succession, is the focal point of the psych-horror film Run Rabbit Run

While the animal in the title wags its cute widdle pink nosey-wosey and the soundtrack drones WBRRRMMMMM, this Australian film explores trauma

Sarah (Snook) seems to be harassed in all four roles she has played in her life: mother, daughter, sister, and ex-wife.

There may be fire where there isn’t any intention to do so.

Mia’s (Lily LaTorre) dad Pete (Damon Herriman) is celebrating her seventh birthday by bringing his wife and stepson home for cake and ice cream.

The second is that Mia’s younger stepbrother bonks her on the head, which at first seems like typical sibling rivalry but may have longer-lasting consequences.