Is There Any Truth to the ‘Jaws’ Movie?

Even though the annual Shark Week has come and gone, we still can’t stop thinking about Jaws, the great film by Steven Spielberg.

Prior to the release of Star Wars just two years later, Jaws held the record for highest grossing film of all time.

Jaws is a masterpiece that pioneered the contemporary blockbuster with its thrilling story and stellar acting.

The story begins with a young woman being attacked by a shark while going nude on Amity Island, a popular tourist destination in New England.

Martin Brody, the police chief in charge of the area after the tragic event (Roy Scheider), spends the whole must-see film trying to close down all of the beaches in the region.

Larry Vaughn (Murray Hamilton), the mayor of the town, overrides him because he is concerned about losing cash from tourists.