When, where, and how to watch Episodes 7 and 8 of Season 2 of The Uncanny Counter

This season’s midpoint left us with Ju-seok on the verge of a showdown with So Mun.

Even though the Counters had warned him that the conman wasn’t responsible for Min-ji’s death, the ex-firefighter had let his evil spirit grow stronger by killing Seong-uk.

– With Pil-gwang’s encouragement, Ju-seok gave in to his evil side and escaped from prison.

– Ha-na has reconnected with Do-hwi, a pianist she knew as a child, and has come to appreciate the depth of the pianist’s feelings for her.

– The fact that Lim Jae-youl, the first person she rescued, is now working with the scammers they’re trying to bring down causes Mae-ok a great deal of internal conflict.

Gelly and the Counters are aware that Lee Chung-jae is the leader of The Red Roses Gang and that he faked his own death.